We hired Roy’s company to help us fill a challenging opening. From the start, Roy was terrific to work with. He asked thoughtful, probing questions that helped him get a good sense of what type of skills — and more importantly, what type of personality — we needed in the job. The candidates he arranged for us to interview were very qualified, and he was also very straightforward about their relative strengths and weaknesses. He also was very responsive and moved quickly in the search.
We were very happy with Roy and in fact, have already turned to him to help fill another opening.

Angie Muhs

When I have an important or difficult position to fill, Michael is the first person I turn to. He completely dedicates himself to each and every search and is a great ambassador for our company. His ability to identify, access, and attract the most qualified candidates for the position is right on target. Through his hunter’s mentality, his ability to cultivate and build relationships, and his vast network, the pipeline is always full with top talent. When it comes time to close, Michael excels in selling candidates on our opportunities and repeatedly delivers top talent to my organization.
His strong follow-up skills and superior customer service all reinforce why he’s the go-to person for every search.

Roger Snelling

Roy is one SUPER DUPER Recruiter! Not only finds hard to find talent quickly, but does a great job of creating a “Win-Win” situation for both the company and the candidate!

Mark Webber

I had the pleasure of working with Michael and I must say Michael is a fantastic person with terrific skills in recruiting. He’s always been a lead by example guy throughout his career. As an individual performer he’s had many successful placements, he’s been instrumental in the development of successful business units locally & nationally. I would highly recommend Michael to any client looking to utilize the services of a top notch recruiter!

Gloria Delfin

Roy is my recruiter of choice and I am pleased to write this recommendation. His years of business experience and professionalism separate him from all other recruiters. He is recognized as a top service provider and offers invaluable advice and superior results. If you contact Roy, you’ll have the professionals you need in short order.

Boaz Shalev

Michael is excellent. We had a somewhat obscure position with a specific skillset requirement and within a few days we received a series of excellent quality resumes and interviews.

Clayton Weise

Having worked with several Executive Recruiters throughout my career, I can confidently say Roy is one of the best. His effective blend of client-candidate focus produces a win-win for all, and I truly feel as if Roy is a partner, providing support and encouragement where needed, and delivering results where wanted. Thanks Roy for being such a great professional and advocate.

Matt Meade

Since partnering with Mike, Mike has been an invaluable asset to our Hiring Team at Teltech.

Mike is responsive, attentive, and considerate. Mike also has a keen eye for Marketing unicorns and works diligently to understand the qualifications that make candidates rock stars!

Thanks to Mike, we continue to have an exceptional experience with his company. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to hire excellent employees.

Giulia Palombo

Roy does a solid job as a recruiter. He provided helpful resources along with consistent follow-ups throughout the process. I would recommend Roy to both job searchers and companies looking to place a candidate.

Mark McCurry