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Talented, productive professionals are not actively looking for work, which presents recruiting challenges for today’s employers. At Craft Recruiting, we go out and uncover the best talent in the market and position your opportunity as the right move for them.

Craft recruiters have a strong beat on what motivates passive candidates, and that connection is what drives our success – and our clients’ success.

Because we look beyond “available” talent, we are able to find pros who are technically qualified and culturally aligned to make a positive impact on the organization. We focus on both the person and the professional, matching them with the right opportunity so they are primed to accept an offer when it is extended.



Why Craft?

Craft is a different kind of recruiting agency. We know, everyone says they're different. But Craft truly is different. Why? We have taken the most common complaints from clients, candidates and recruiters alike regarding working with recruiting agencies and have simply done better. We've done this by eliminating their headaches and committing to unparalleled service, insight and intelligence.

A quick comparison

Other Firms
  • Bleeding edge intelligent technology including AI, ML, and Big Data optimized for recruiting.
  • Varies by firm. A “not invented here” syndrome keeps them from using the best tools in the marketplace.
  • Every recruiter has spent years learning from and working with the top trainers in the recruiting and search industry.
  • The pressure to meet quarterly numbers means most firms only have time to train their recruiters on how to use their software.
  • Every account has a dedicated Point of Contact.
  • You’ll likely have multiple Points of Contact due to constant turnover.
  • A skilled, tenured, and well-connected recruiter handles every aspect of your search.
  • Most of the project execution and recruiting is done by junior level associates.
  • At least four years of experience goes into every one of your searches.
  • The average turnover rate at large firms is >80%
  • We put you first. You are our priority. You're treated like the human you are.
  • Many big box firms are publicly owned or still have shareholders to answer to. Client and candidate needs come secondary.

We solve complex recruiting challenges for awesome companies.


During an Typical Search...


Candidates Engaged by Craft


Candidates Presented to Client


Candidates Interviewed


Offer Acceptance


Days from Intake to Hire

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